Unity for education

Unity Technologies values the immense contributions made by educators and educational institutions. You help drive the future of the industry and expand the use of interactive application and game development technologies. You teach, support and mentor learners so they can realize their ambitions. We do all we can to support you through:

  • Easy and open access for individual students and faculty with Unity 5 Personal Edition
  • Special offers for institutions on licenses, content and services
  • An enhanced program of video tutorials and sample projects to support learning
  • An comprehensive, competency-based, hands-on curricular framework
  • An industry-validated Professional Skills Standard with an academic cross-reference
  • A vibrant online community of committed users keen to team up and offer advice

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The path to a fantastic career

Already the world's most widely used game engine, Unity is growing rapidly into new verticals and markets. As a developer with Unity experience, these skillsets are in demand for medical training, virtual reality, architecture, military simulation, advertising and retail segments, and of course, the gaming industry.

Small teams make great content

The experience of working together in multi-disciplinary teams to produce a polished product is of immense value in preparing students for working in a commercial environment – and a very engaging, satisfying exercise in its own right. Unity is designed with the explicit intention of allowing teams to produce professional-quality content fast.

We love young innovators

Unity's product portfolio is geared to helping developers succeed. If you're thinking of setting up your own studio or making your own game, our software's price point for students and faculty makes it an extremely attractive option. Use our feature-packed Personal Edition to create and publish commercial content without it costing a dime.

Teach any form of interactive development

The Unity engine is incredibly versatile and can meet an exceptional range of curricular needs. Use Unity to teach STEM subjects and tap into students' enthusiasm for gaming to drive learning and increase classroom engagement. Help your students learn to build 2D or 3D interactive content in any genre across a wide range of platforms: consoles, PCs, Android, iOS, the web – the choice is yours.

Easy to learn easy to use

Unity is designed from the ground up to be easy to use – no prior knowledge of software development is required, and you don't have to be a programmer to get started. Don't be fooled however, Unity's UI and intuitive workflows drive a very powerful toolset.

Curricular framework

Need additional resources to help with your program? Unity offers a complete, competency-based, hands-on curricular framework in conjunction with an industry-validated, Professional Skills Standard to accommodate a wide variety of course objectives and instructional delivery models. Both are cross-referenced to academic objectives like Common Core, Next-Generation Science Standards and 21st Century Skills.

Generous grants for elementary and secondary schools

In conjunction with our curricular framework, Unity runs a generous grant program for elementary and secondary schools. Apply here.