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Professional Unity assistance with your project

  • Reduce time to market by getting timely advice on best practices and approaches
  • Make your title stand out in the market with an impressive frame rate and visual appeal
  • Get ahead of the curve by using inside knowledge from support engineers
  • Offload complex engineering tasks to the team who provide the engine

Premium Support

Make sure the help you need is just hours away. Our Premium Support team comprises highly-skilled Unity engineers and artists dedicated to delivering a rapid response to your specific query. Your named contact can provide expert workflow, art assets and scripting assistance and, of course, he or she is happy to help you identify and work around bugs. Contact the Unity Sales Team to find out how we can help.

Consultancy services

Onsite code reviews, project optimization and assistance with stability problems are available from expert Unity engineers on a consultancy basis. Contact the Unity Sales Team to discuss how our committed and experienced consultants can move your project forward to success.

Hourly rate: $350

Daily rate: $2,800

Premium Support packages

Named contact
3 months
Minimum commitment
24 hours
Response time
Max team size
1 ticket
Concurrent tickets
Consultancy discount
Kick off call